Mission Statement
                                                                     Putting the "Arts" back in Education

To teach and train people in the preforming arts, the pursuit of truth, and the development of it's youth through arts education and the well being of it's community and society as a whole. 

To put in place a program of arts education and establish a collaborative effort between it and the community 
and other educational programs, that will enhance the educational experience of youth. 

To provide a network among aspiring artists, theatrical agents, to afford artistic guidance to those who wish
to pursue a career in the arts.

The Marian Holden Theatre will offer a comprehensive performing and media arts program. Instruction
will include classes in acting, music, speech, dance, pantomime, set design and stage management, as well as
writing workshops, self improvement programs and other initiatives. 

In the future, The Marian Holden Theatre will broaden it's scope to include an insight into the entertainment 
industry. That will present productions of plays and create and develop television, radio and music

Dedicated to linking these cultural resources with the learning needs of young people.

It is the theatre's goal to stimulate it's students imaginative thinking, help them to create a 
positive self image, and develop respect for their own culture.


A message from the CEO/Founder of The Marian Holden Theatre, Inc.

My  focus  and  determination  on  becoming  an  actor  reached  it's  height when  I  was  cast  by  Sidney  Poitier  in  his directorial  debut  on  Broadway as  Louis  Gossett, Jr's  understudy  in  "Carry Me Back to Morningside Heights".  I  had  the  great  opportunity  to  share  the  stage  with  Louis Gossett, Jr.,  Cicely  Tyson,  Diane Ladd,  Beverly Todd,  David Steinburg  and Johnnie Brown.  That  gave  me  further  determination  to  stay  on  this  path in  theatre.  That  is  why  on  November 21, 2003,  after  many  years  as  a performer  on  and  off  Broadway,  on television,  and  in  nightclubs,  I decided to establish a theatre based corporation  to honor  the memory of my mother  who  had  always  supported  my career  until  she  passed  some  years  ago.  The  "Marian Holden Theatre"  is a legacy  to her and  it  is  the  driving  force  for  me to  accomplish  the  theatre's  goals.
My  desire  was  and  still  is,  to give  back  to  the  community  all  that  I  have  learned  and  have  been  given.  I  want  to develop  a  platform  for  those  who  wish  to  avail  themselves  of  that  knowledge  and  experience.  To  give  back  to  those  who  want  to  pursue  a  career  in  the  Arts.  

Spencer Holden 


Tracee Holden

  Katiuska Brigian
Vice President

     Beverly S. Holden
Recording Secretary

Beverly Holden was born in Providence, RI and lives in Rahway, NJ.  Beverly is a retired New York Board of Education Educator, who specialized in Special Education.  Beverly was a member of the Child Placement Review Board in New Jersey as well as a member of the Women's Caucus for now Retired Congressman, Edolphus "Ed" Townes.  Beverly is on the Executive Board of the Marian Holden Theatre and holds the office of Recording Secretary.  

Tracee Holden was born in Brooklyn, NY and lives in Rahway, NJ.  Tracee has been an Asset Property Manager with a major Real Estate Developer in New York City for 21 years.  She is the President/Owner of Vanessa's Vision, LLC, a handmade bath and body products business and is currently the President of The Marian Holden Theatre.

​Kat Brigian is a visual artist from NYC with credit in photo, design and art direction for 16 + years.  She is dedicated to the pursuit of art education for youth 
and  is currently the Vice President of  The Marian Holden Theatre. Kat is also dedicated to animal rights and resides in Rahway New Jersey with her shihtzu Disko baby. 

    Adrian Franklin
Board Member

  Sheree B. Holden
Board Member

  Robert Miller, Ph.D
Board Member

​​Adrian has dedicated 25 + years to the City Of New York as an Outreach Specialist for the Human Resources of Administration.

Sheree Holden was born in Providence, RI and lives in Rahway, NJ. Sheree attended Brooklyn College and currently works for the Local 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East in New York City.
 Sheree is an avid basketball fan and enjoys traveling.   
  Written, Directed and Produced plays in NY, NY and Philadelphia, PA, Ph.D.  in African American History and Literature, Harvard Fellow, W.E.B. DuBois Institute of African American Research,  American Book Sellers Award Winning Children’s Book Author, Simon & Schuster, written for film  and television.

  Rosalyn "Tiny" Johnson
Board Member

        Louis Johnson
Board Member

Rosalyn "Tiny" Johnson currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and was educated in the New York Public School System and has been a member of the Order of Eastern Stars for 31 years, M.W.S.G.M.  
Rosalyn has been married to Louis "Jr." Johnson for 52 years and they have 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great-granddchild. Rosalyn currently works for the New York State Senate and her hobbies include charity work, event planning and arts/crafts.

Louis Johnson, Jr., originally from Raleigh Durham N.C., now resides in Brooklyn NY and is retired from American Airlines.  Louis is a 33rd Master Mason and has been active for 31 years, he holds the title of Grand Master & M.P.S.G.M.  Louis has been married to Rosalyn "Tiny" Johnson for 52 years and they have 3 children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great-granddchild. Louis enjoys reading and studying black history.